Autumn Fire

I am blessed.
I know it. And I do not take it for granted. At least I try to not. Last evening as I sat around an impromptu hot-dog roast, s’more festival, complete with a glowing fire wrapped in the evening’s autumn chill I was grateful. Four generations gathered around that blazing fire. The first great grand-child next to the latest. Both boys. Both born into an awesome heritage to be valued and treasured. My first grandchild playing with her cousin twice removed or something like that. Heritage spanning decades and families. Random conversations, questions, laughter — I could not help but silently praise God. Thank you, God that my parents can visit. Thank you, God that we want to be with our parents. Thank you that our children want to be with us. Thank you that we want to be with them! Thank you that my siblings love each other and their children love us and each other. This is such a broken world where sin abounds I know that multitudes of families are fractured and hurting – so destroyed that no one wants to be with anybody. In gratitude I can not but help remember that where sin abounds grace abounds so much more. Layers and layers of grace! Rich, undeserved, unearned, freely given grace! There were family members missing distanced by time zones, continents, caring for sick children, ministry obligations. But every single one of them …. If they could be ….would happily sit by the fire as well. That is all grace. That is all a gift from God. And I am grateful.