Choose Life, it is Beautiful

“So if your pregnancy test is positive what are your plans?” She looks at me for a moment then answers “Get rid of it I guess.” It never fails to be a punch in my gut when I hear words like that. Calmly I pray for grace and the appropriate thing to say. Wondrously God always provides.

“May I tell you something?” She nods. I point at the couch she is sitting on and continue, “I’ve never had a girl sit there who has aborted but what she is so regretful. They tell you all about your rights but they don’t tell you about your emotions.” And I continue with more, just being honest. It is her choice, legally, but it is also her heart, forever.

The pain I see on women of all ages who have aborted sorrows me. The emotions live on. The guilt is tenacious, even though God’s forgiveness is available and can be utterly complete.

I came home last week after that conversation and shared with an elderly friend who faithfully prays for me. She looked at me and said “It’s true, you know, the part about how they carry it with them forever.” She went on to tell me about her older sister who grieves. Sixty years ago her parents loaded them into the car for a ‘weekend getaway’ which actually involved driving to New York for an abortion. She continued with her story telling me how all these decades later her sister still sorrows on the anniversary of the abortion, and still sorrows in the month of when the baby should have burst into the world full of life. Every single year she remembers. She never forgets. That is the stuff we never hear.

I am pro-life; I am not asking for an argument – but I am asking that people stop to think about the emotions of a woman who knows, choice, or rights, or not, it is abnormal to ‘get rid of it’. And sadly, from what I have seen, it is a choice that will stalk you forever. God heals, Satan reminds, and then God heals again. It is a cycle I wish I could protect every woman from experiencing. Choose life, it is beautiful. It is a gift from a Gracious God.