I Love to Write!

I always hated science but loved words.  One cranky old teacher whom will remain unnamed almost spoiled the love of writing for me.  But I pulled through and in retrospect even admit she helped me.  Up and down the aisles of the English classroom she walked; a long pointing stick restless in her hand.  Swish, smack, swish, smack as she whacked the stick across the palm of her hand.  And to the beat of that sound?  Students frantically wrestling to put words to paper.  I always cringed when she walked past me.  Did she secretly want to strike us?  I  wondered.  She never did.  And she did teach us to write.

There are a gazillion, no double that please, blogs in ‘blogoworld’, so why add one more to the glut?  I hesitate.  But then I think about God and how he is the giver of gifts and the sparker of fires and the ultimate creative one.  Words are his.  For some reason he wired me to love to put words to paper.  Often a thought stirs within me and I am just not settled until I sit down and write.  He gave me that love.  It really is not even mine to decide on.

And, yes, I do have dangling participles.  And at times I write in incomplete sentences.   On purpose.  But I love every minute of it.

Thanks for bearing with me as I … gasp….launch a blog.


The name was important to me because transparency in life is important to me.  My walk with Christ will be lived out loud before you.  It will be real.  Perhaps sometimes too real, but you will survive.  And I have a zany sense of humor.  It is how God made me – so life out loud also reminds me of lol=laugh out loud.  Which I do a lot.   And it helps me survive.  Often.