Hurt that Shimmers Gold

I have an idol in my heart that I often engage in battling – it is the idol of ease. I long for easy. The reality is that much of life is hard and not easy. Easy is waiting for us in Heaven.

I constantly have to remind myself that it is in the ‘hard stuff’ that the beautiful is spun out and woven in and the tapestry of our life made more exquisite. Would I ever choose hard? No. Can I see its beauty after the fact? Yes. Still, humanly, I would not choose it.

So I urge myself to trust the Master-Artist who is doing the spinning and the weaving. It is in the difficult that the shimmering golden threads are formed. It is in the agony that we have another layer of ‘us’ that can glorify Him. It is in the painful that we are far more able to sorrow with another, pray with another, bear burdens with another, and most importantly RUN straight to THE BURDEN BEARER.

I do not like the hard stuff. But I do love the Master-Weaver who so carefully spins and weaves and showcases His Work. He meticulously uses even the tiniest scrap of thread. He always has the greater picture in His Mind. Never, never, ever does He waste the golden strands. Nothing is wasted with God. What a beautiful truth. Hard? Yes. In Safe-Hands? Absolutely.